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Core groups are gender specific groups of 3-6 people who want to follow Jesus together through meeting regularly to put the way of Jesus into practice. As a Fireside community, we have selected 5 practice areas that we focus on together: Prayer and Scripture, Community, Serving and Hospitality, Rest, and Generosity. Core groups will meet regularly through a 12-week season to study one of these practices together.


Groups would select a practice and meet for a season (i.e. Fall, Winter or Spring). At the end of the season, there would be a natural on/off ramp to add people to the group and start a new practice, or to wrap things up.

Groups would have a designated “point person” to help coordinate meeting times and who would have a little background/resources for next steps for the group!

If you're interested in joining a Core Group, fill out the form below!

Questions? Email

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