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Each of us are on a journey with Jesus.  As followers of Jesus, we want to be transformed to be more like Him--to to grow in our relationship with him, to know his voice and his Word, and to become more like him.  We believe that God uses others to encourage and challenge and support each other in this journey, and crews are intentional relationships centered around our own spiritual formation. 

Crews are groups of three people who meet once a month with the purpose of sharing our relationship with God.   These groups are praying together, seeking God’s voice for each other and pay close attention for His work in each other’s lives. 

Get Started

1. Establish your crew:  Ask God to lead you in the process of establishing your crew, and begin to think about the people who are already in your life who are also following Jesus and that you click with.  Start a conversation with each person and see if they might be interested in being a part of a crew.  If you don’t have people like this in your life already, join a team, a table, or a session to get to know people at Fireside better. 

2. Register your crew/Plan for 4 meetings:  At the beginning, each crew is just committing to 4 sessions.  This gives everyone  a little time to try things out and see if the fit is right.  We will provide you with a discussion guide for the first 4 meetings when you register and give you any additional support you need to get going. 

3. Commit to your Crew:  Being a part of Fireside includes opportunities to get to know people informally (like tables) and to dig deeper into content areas (like sessions) but the opportunity with crews is to have a depth of relationship that can center around transformation, and an opportunity to know and be known.  It’s really hard to do these things without a long-term commitment, and that the power of these relationships really grows with time.  After the initial 4 meetings, our hope would be to commit to your crew for 1 year. 


Crew Seasons

We are ready to support you along the way!  We will provide your crew with conversation guides for each of your meetings and connect with as needed to coach you through any challenges. 

While you can jump in at any time, we will focus support and resources around crews launching through at 2 different points in the year:  Fall and Winter.  

Our next round of Crews begins Spring of 2023

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