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This is our mission as a church.

We want to follow Jesus--to grow in our relationship with him, to know his voice and his teachings, and to become more like him. And we want to do it together--for everyone at Fireside to have a strong net of intentional relationships around them that are centered around loving and caring for each other (Acts 2).


We are all about Jesus

Him > Us

We believe it's not about me and it's not about you. It's all about Jesus. We want to serve Jesus with the unique purpose and calling for our lives.

We follow the Bible

The Word > The World

We believe the Bible doesn't change and it's as relevant today as it was when it was written. Though our world is changing, the Word remains the same.

We are disciples who make disciples

Multiply > Maintain​

We believe that believers are called to make disciples, and those disciples are called to make more disciples. We don't want to just maintain, we want to multiply and grow.

We are the Church

Stretcher-Bearers > Barriers to Stretchers

We believe that we are called to bring people to Jesus, not get in the way. We want to remove obstacles to people encountering Jesus.

We are One Body

Unity > Uniformity

We believe the Church is one body formed with many parts. Each part is different but united with the same mission to follow Jesus.

We Put Love into Action

Love as a Verb > Love as a Noun​

We want to be known as Jesus followers because of the way we love people, both inside and outside of our Fireside community. We don't want to

just be "hearers" of the Word, but also "doers" of the Word.

We Take Joy in Suffering

Unseen > Seen

We believe that when it comes to life's circumstances, there is more than just what we see. We want to walk alongside each other in the midst of suffering.

We are Intentional

People > Programs

We believe by doing less we can do more.

We want to create organized environments that lead to the organic.



God planted the seed for Fireside Church in the hearts of Andy and Kate Bauer back in 2015. A passion for the local church and a desire to see people in New England know Jesus led them to explore the need for more churches in this area and what it would look like to be a part of starting one. In 2017 their entire world changed when their oldest daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. While experiencing the most difficult days of their life to date, God used their darkest days to draw them close to Himself, and it was those very days that became the soil for which the seeds for Fireside would grow.

The first Fireside gathering was in the summer of 2018--a group of 9 people in a backyard around a fire. There were many gatherings around fires after that--as well as in kitchens, libraries, and beaches--and before the new year, Fireside was meeting regularly on Sunday mornings in Salisbury Elementary school.


Along with the rest of the world, the Fireside community shifted into a difficult season during the COVID pandemic in 2020. Additionally, Ellie Bauer's cancer returned for a second time, and after another bravely fought battle, she went to be with Jesus in February 2021. But God was faithful through it all. As we pursue our mission to "Follow Jesus Together," we look to Him to continue showing us the next step.



The name "Fireside" comes from a favorite memory years back on a church family service trip in Maine, where a big group of people of all ages (newborn babies all the way up through a 92-year-old great grandmother) lived and served together for a week. The image of everyone around the fire one night at sunset after a long day of work, has always stuck. That “Fireside” environment, where people gather in community to follow Jesus together—that is what we want church to be.

Throughout the Bible, God reveals his presence, his glory, his leading and his work through fire—his presence in a burning bush, his leading in a pillar of fire in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit empowering believers at Pentecost. As a church, our mission is to spend our days “fireside,” growing in our relationship with Jesus, in community with each other, and helping others to discover life in Him.

Fireside Church aligns under two denominations, the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) and the American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire (ABCVNH). 



Conner has been involved with Fireside since before it’s inception. He has known Andy and Kate since he was in their youth group. In 2015 he moved to Florida to attend the Florida School of Discipleship (FSOD) and study worship. While involved in FSOD he served and led worship with a number of ministries and spent two summers touring with FSOD’s worship band Interface Worship. He also played a key role in writing and recording their album “More than Enough.” Conner is passionate about impacting communities and cultures with the spirit and truth of Jesus through worship.


Andy and Kate Bauer have been leading Fireside together from the very beginning. Andy is a native New Englander, having grown up and spent much of his life here on the Seacoast. Kate grew up in Kenya, lived in Maryland and then moved up to Massachusetts 10 years ago to marry the love of her life. They get really excited about the impact of the local church, and seeing people's lives transformed by an encounter with Jesus. They have 4 kids: Emmie, Blake, Drew, and Ellie, who went home with Jesus in 2021.


Elizabeth has been part of the Fireside community since the summer of 2020. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she moved to Florida in 2016 to attend the Florida School of Discipleship. During three years of ministry training she met her now husband, Conner. In the summer of 2020 she moved to Massachusetts where she got married and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Communications. Elizabeth is passionate about centering her life around Jesus and His Church.



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